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  • Maritime & Shipping
    Maritime and maritime affairs legal services have always been one of our specialty businesses, with a strong professional team and rich practical experience. In the field, the company has become our dominant business since its inception, and is a leader in the industry and has a good reputation.The lawyers of the Maritime and Maritime Affairs team graduated from the maritime colleges at home and abroad. Most of them have master's degree or above. Several maritime law and shipping experts and scholars with prestige in the country are members of this team or* *consultant. They are familiar with maritime maritime law and are familiar with relevant international treaties and maritime laws of major foreign shipping countries. They have extensive experience in shipping practice and can provide clients with various maritime and maritime litigation and non-litigation legal services in multiple languages.Our maritime maritime lawyers have successfully handled a large number of major cases involving maritime or maritime affairs on behalf of many domestic and foreign ** insurance companies, shipowners' mutual insurance associations, shipping companies, large cargo owners, shipyards, banks and other customers. Widely acclaimed.
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  • Taxation
    Our company has formed a service feature in the legal service of medical and health fields. It has been employed by all levels of medical institutions and medical/mechanical enterprises at the third-grade, second-class, and community levels as a legal advisor to provide medical, pharmaceutical, and mechanical services. Field legal affairs services; good at handling interdisciplinary and difficult cases such as medical damage, health administration, organ donation transplantation, suspected medical crimes, etc., and accumulated rich practical experience in the acquisition, merger and listing of medical institutions, and received good evaluation from the industry; He has accumulated rich experience in the fields of drug defect damage compensation, drug inspection administrative criminal liability, drug enterprise securities financing, pharmaceutical industry fund project, overseas market equity financing and daily legal counsel, and is capable of handling complex and major cases; medical legal services. The team's business also covers the establishment of medical device companies, daily operations, product defects, and investment acquisitions to provide quality and professional legal services. Our medical legal team consists of professional senior lawyers who have many years of experience in medical treatment and exquisite medical skills. They are not only familiar with and understand the legal knowledge in medical and health fields, but also the management mode and the practice of risk control for medical institutions, medical machinery enterprises and institutions. Have a unique and in-depth understanding.Our medical health law team is committed to providing timely, accurate and effective legal services for all types of institutions involved in the medical, pharmaceutical, medical and other fields. In recent years, a large number of lawsuits and cases caused by medical damage liability, financing mergers and acquisitions projects involving medical machinery, and risk management management within the scope of perennial legal consultants have accumulated rich practical experience and become trusted by customers. Legal services team.
    Business Category:

    1. Daily legal affairs of medical institutions at all levels

    - medical dispute litigation and non-litigation matters;

    - drafting, reviewing and modifying the daily contract text;

    - Labor relations legal advice and dispute resolution;

    - Legal and compliance consultation and review of medical, drug and related management lines and processes.

    2. Registration of medical institutions, equity transfer, mergers and acquisitions, financing

    - Providing legal advice on the above matters, and formulating, demonstrating and reviewing the implementation plan;

    - To draft, review and revise the legal documents of the above matters, including but not limited to various agreements, reports, etc.;

    - Acting for various approval and registration procedures;

    - Provide value-added services such as resource integration based on customer needs.

    3. Daily legal affairs of pharmaceutical and medical equipment enterprises

    - Disputes and non-litigation matters for damages for drugs or equipment defects;

    - Drug inspection administrative / criminal liability related matters;

    - Legal affairs related to projects such as corporate securities financing, pharmaceutical industry fund projects, and overseas market equity financing.

    4. Legal services in other areas of great health

    - daily legal services and legal risk control such as pension institutions, Internet medical institutions, health management companies, and cross-border medical enterprises;

    - Legal services for testing, hospital/medical Internet related supporting business;

    - Legal services for the medical field in the field of the use and preservation of doctors' groups and health big data.

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  • Insurance
    It has formed an exclusive advantage in insurance legal services, and can provide high-quality and professional legal services for Chinese and foreign insurance companies, insurance intermediaries (including insurance brokers, insurance agents, insurance companies) and insurance consumers. This team consists of senior lawyers who are proficient in various insurance products and claims and recovery matters. Many key lawyers have practical experience in working in large insurance companies. Many lawyers are the main members of the Shanghai Bar Association Insurance Business Research Committee. They are not only familiar with insurance legal knowledge, but also have in-depth knowledge of insurance business knowledge and the internal workflow and working patterns of insurance companies, and can provide accurate and effective legal advice and solutions for customers.Our insurance legal service team has the ability to independently issue expert opinions on major insurance law issues of major insurance companies. It has provided various insurance legal services for many well-known insurance companies at home and abroad, and has become a legal service team that customers can trust.
    Business Category:

    Establishment and merger of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries

    Legal argumentation and review in the design of insurance products

    Legal review of insurance clauses

    Legal investigation and risk assessment before underwriting and legal risk monitoring during insurance

    Insurance claims and recovery

    Reinsurance dispute resolution

    Legal knowledge training for insurance practitioners

    Advising the insured on the selection of suitable insurance products

    Provide full legal services for all types of insurance claims of the insured

    Acting for various types of insurance litigation and arbitration cases

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  • Financial
    Since its establishment, our company has always focused on financial legal services, and has used its professional advantages to provide high-quality legal services to commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, trust companies, financial companies, funds, other financial institutions and government departments. Banking compliance, insurance products, fund projects, trust products, and various types of loans have all formed exclusive advantages.Our financial professional team lawyers have a high academic background and practice experience. Our financial professional team maintains effective communication with major financial regulatory agencies, financial courts at all levels, and financial law research institutions and experts in Shanghai. Familiar with legal knowledge in various financial fields, and have a deep understanding of the management model and practical process of banks, insurance, trusts, fund companies and asset management products. We can provide more high-quality and innovative legal services for domestic and foreign customers.
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    Business Category:

    Bank loans: daily services, due diligence, program design, business negotiation, compliance review, document drafting; overseas acquisitions and leveraged financing, loans, notes, financial leasing, collateral disposal, non-performing asset collection.

    Insurance and reinsurance: insurance product analysis, compliance review, document drafting, review; insurance claims, recovery; reinsurance, claims, apportionment, recovery; legal training; insurance consumer protection; litigation / arbitration.

    Trust legal services: securities investment trusts, loan trusts, equity investment trusts, equity investment trusts, family wealth trusts; due diligence, structural design, document drafting.

    Funds and subsidiaries: private equity, venture capital funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, securities funds, parent funds; structural design, document drafting, commercial negotiations, administrative approval, fundraising, fiscal and taxation consulting; fund investment and acquisition, leveraged buyout, domestic External financing, fund withdrawal.

    Financial leasing: structural optimization, process risk control; asset trading, financing, leasing, management, custody; accounts receivable financing, asset securitization, asset transfer, etc.


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  • Company Business
    A strong team of corporate and commercial lawyers can provide clients with a wide range of legal services in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. They have long-term ** multinational companies, listed companies, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and Banks, insurance companies, and trust companies have accumulated rich and comprehensive practical experience in providing legal services for their corporate and commercial affairs, and they have obvious team advantages.We attach great importance to understanding the real needs and goals of all types of customers in different industries. We always take the * as a prudent and responsible attitude, and combine the expertise and skills of finance, taxation, real estate, labor and intellectual property to quickly serve our customers. Provide professional, pragmatic and effective solutions to all kinds of problems in the company's operations and various types of commercial transactions.Our goal is to establish long-term, good working relationships with our customers and become a good helper to provide value-added services to our customers.
    Business Category:

    Corporate governance and compliance

    Corporate dispute resolution

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Cross-border investment

    Antitrust and Competition Law

    Trust, bond and corporate listing

    Private equity and venture capital


    Bankruptcy and liquidation

    Tax Planning

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  • Criminal Compliance
    The family law business has a good tradition. The family legal team consists of professional lawyers who are proficient in marriage and family law, insurance law, tax law, trust, company law, and foreign-related family business. They can provide one-stop and comprehensive family legal services for clients.In recent years, in addition to the traditional family law business, the family law team, based on the increasing legal needs of customers, with solid legal expertise, through the use of various wealth management tools, integrated high-end legal service resources, combined with the strength of external professional institutions, Become a professional family legal service provider for wealth management and service organizations such as domestic and foreign insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, private banks, third-party wealth management companies, trust companies, and their private clients, and assist private clients and customers. Family enterprises conduct wealth management and realize the inheritance of family businesses.
    Business Category:

    1. Traditional family legal services

    - Property and children during the period of cohabitation;

    - premarital due diligence and prenuptial agreements;

    - marital agreements and separation agreements;

    - divorce agreement and divorce dispute resolution;

    - property disputes after divorce;

    - custody changes and maintenance changes;

    - access disputes;

    - Wills include wills trusts;

    - inheritance disputes;

    - intended monitoring;

    - Family property dispute resolution;

    - family disputes or other dispute resolution;

    2. Foreign-related family business

    - child identity planning and nationality selection;

    - foreign-related prenuptial agreement;

    - foreign-related divorce disputes;

    - foreign-related support disputes;

    - Divided foreign-related divorce property;

    - foreign-related legal inheritance;

    - foreign-related wills;

    - foreign-related wills trust;

    - Foreign-related personal investment legal services;

    - foreign-related property disputes;

    3. Family affairs non-litigation legal services

    - premarital wealth planning;

    - marital property allocation and wealth management;

    - Firewall settings when divorced;

    - planning for the globalization of customer assets;

    - Wealth tax planning and wealth inheritance;

    - Corporate equity design and optimization;

    - Family legal services in the capital market;

    - High-end wills and wills trusts;

    - charitable trusts and funds;

    - private family legal counseling services;

    -Legal training seminars in the field of private wealth protection and inheritance;

    - Corporate legal training;

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  • Real Estate and Construction
    Our company has good tradition and professional advantages in the field of real estate and engineering construction. The legal services run through every step from real estate development, financing, construction to post-sales and property management, covering major infrastructure construction projects, traditional manufacturing. Industrial construction projects for industry and high-tech industries, ** commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, offices, tourism, entertainment, residential buildings, large residential areas, villas, apartments, etc., cultural and educational construction projects, and various types of development Transfer the project.With strong team strength and long-term experience and resources accumulation, our real estate lawyers are familiar with and have the ability to control the legal services in every aspect of engineering construction, real estate investment and financing, project development and operation, which is worthy of customer trust. service team.
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  • Intellectual Property
    As one of the company's core businesses, intellectual property legal services can provide high quality and professional legal services for domestic and foreign companies. Our company has a high-quality intellectual property team consisting of a number of professional lawyers who are proficient in intellectual property theory and have a background in science and engineering. Together with the strength of external professional organizations, we provide customers with the management, operation and protection of their intellectual property. Effective legal advice and implementation plan.The IP team pays special attention to the Internet, high-tech, new media, cultural and creative industries, and has special advantages in the field of intellectual property protection. It has extensive experience in handling major IPR infringement cases and can provide IPR infringement monitoring, evidence collection and civil Litigation, administrative litigation, criminal strikes and other package solutions, the intellectual property team has won the trust and favor of a large number of customers with its high quality service.
    Business Category:

    Civil litigation, administrative procedures and criminal procedures involving intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.

    Intellectual property rights dispute

    Trade secret protection and other unfair competition disputes

    Invalid patent rights, invalid trademark rights and follow-up administrative procedures

    Contract dispute involving intellectual property rights

    Intellectual property legal services involving domain names

    Intellectual property licensing and transfer

    Involving intellectual property investigation, retrieval and monitoring

    Intellectual Property Protection Strategy and Risk Management

    Trademark application, patent application

    Patent and trademark maintenance services

    Intellectual property infringement analysis, risk assessment, early warning analysis

    Copyright (including computer software) registration and filing

    Intellectual property customs protection filing

    Drafting an agreement involving intellectual property

    Other intellectual property legal affairs

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  • Securities and Capital Markets
    The securities and capital market legal business is one of our core businesses. Our company has a group of professional lawyers who are engaged in securities law business in China earlier. Many lawyers have obtained the qualifications of securities lawyers jointly issued by the Ministry of Justice of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. They have long been focusing on the legal system research and legal services of the Chinese and foreign capital markets. It has provided professional services for the transformation of dozens of companies' shareholding system, domestic and overseas listing and listing, refinancing, acquisition of listed companies and major asset restructuring.
    Business Category:

    Assist clients in the transformation or restructuring of the listed shareholding system

    Initial public offering of shares and listing transactions in China

    Domestic enterprises directly or indirectly issue securities abroad, and their securities are listed and traded overseas.

    Listed company refinancing

    Acquisition of listed companies, major asset restructuring and share repurchase

    Listed company implements equity incentive plan

    Assist listed companies to comply with relevant laws and regulations and meet relevant requirements

    Listed or unlisted company financing

    Issuance of corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, and bond derivatives

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