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  • On July 11th, 2019 Maritime Day of China Forum was held in Ningbo, our firm actively participated in Maritime Day activities.Maritime Day of China Forum was held in Shangari-la Hotel in Ningbo. This year’s topic is to “promote high-quality maritime shipping business”.Liu Xiaoming—Deputy Minister of Transportation, Qiu Dongyao—Mayor of Ningbo City, President of China Shipowners Association, Chairman of China COSCO Shipping Corporation, and Xu Lirong—Party Secretary, etc. attended the meeting and gave keynote speeches. Fu Gangfeng—General Manager of China Merchants Group and Chairman of Zhe Jiang Sea Port Group and Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group, etc. gave special lectures. Huang Zhengdong, Senior Leader of Transportation, Li Shenglin, Hong Shanxiang, Xu Zuyuan, Gao Hongfeng, and Huang Xiaobai, Deputy general manager of China COSCO Shipping Corporation, attended this forum and participated following activities. Ningbo, the city dependent on ports, held the Maritime Silk Road Port International Corporation Forum,  including one main forum, four minor forum, International Conference on Seafarers and Service, International Forum on Ship Technology and Safety, Forum of High-Quality Development of Private Port and Shipping Enterprises and Sailing for More International Maritime Forum, and one paralleled forum to welcome portmen from all over the world. To accomplish high-quality maritime shipping, the power of private owned maritime shipping enterprises can’t be neglected. Two hundred participants of Forum of High-Quality Development of Private Port and Shipping Enterprises, including Mr. Zheng, held in the afternoon of July 11th came from maritime shipping enterprises, government sectors, industry associations, and scientific research institutes. They made a discussion concerning the path to promote high-quality maritime shipping business.-End-
  • 2019.06.21Seminar on International Maritime Arbitration Law and PracticeRegistration13:30-13:40Opening/ Welcome AddressChangqing Xie, Deputy Secretary-General of CMACYoumu Chen, Deputy Director of Maritime and Admiralty Committee of China Lawyers Association, Senior Partner of Wintell & Co13:40-14:55Session I How to Manage and Collect Maritime Evidence - Lawyers' RoleChair: Xiaoguang Li, Secretary-General of CMAC South China Sub-Commission13:40-14:20SpeakerLianjun Li, Partner of Reed Smith Richards Butler14:20-14:30DiscussantYuntao Yang, Deputy Director of China Merchants Group Transport & Logistics Department/ Group Beijing Headquarter, Director of China International Freight Forwarders Association Legal Affair Working Committee14:30-14:40DiscussantYongnan Tong, Partner of DeHeng Law Offices14:40-14:55Q&A14:55-16:10Session II Expert Evidence in Arbitration: the Good, the Bad and the UglyChair: Dihuang Song, Vice Chairman of China Maritime Law Association,Lawyer14:55-15:35SpeakerThe Honourable Sir Bernard Eder, International Arbitrator, London; International Judge, Singapore International Commercial Court15:35-15:45DiscussantShungang Huang, Senior Consultant of RICC & Co15:45-15:55DiscussantJianli Zhang, Manager of Marine-Claim Department of Ping an Property and Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd.15:55-16:10Q&A16:10-16:30Tea/coffee Break16:30-17:45Session III Ways and Means to Obtain Discovery or Disclosure Pre-action and Pre-trialChair: Guohua Wang, Dean of School of Law of Shanghai Maritime University16:30-17:10SpeakerPhilip Yang, International Commercial and Maritime Arbitrator17:10-17:20DiscussantJing Li, Vice President of Shanghai Changhang Shipping Co.,Ltd17:20-17:30DiscussantLei Zheng, Senior Partner of Shanghai Co-effort Law Firm17:30-17:45Q&A17:45-17:50Closing2019.06.222019 China Maritime Justice and Arbitration Summit08:30-09:00Registration09:00-09:20Opening Ceremony09:20-10:00Keynote SpeechChair: Dongnian Yin, Professor of Shanghai Maritime University1. The Superme People's Court2. CMAC10:00-11:20Session I: Development and Review of Chinese Maritime Litigation in the New EraChair: Shujie Hou, Vice President of Dalian Maritime Court10:00-10:121.China International Commercial Court and Maritime ArbitrationJingdong Liu, Director of International Economic Law Department of Institute of International Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Member of the First Group of International Commercial Expert Committee10:12-10:242.Promoting the Establishment of International Maritime Judicial Center through Innovative Concepts and International VisionsZhenxian Xie, Chief Judge of Maritime Tribunal of Shanghai Maritime Court10:24-10:363.Supervision and Support of Maritime Arbitration by Chinese Maritime Courts—Observations from Recent CasesYanzhong Chen, Deputy Chief Judge of Trial Supervision Tribunal of Xiamen Maritime Court10:36-10:484.Challenging an Award in the English CourtsThe Honourable Sir Bernard Eder, International Arbitrator, London; International Judge, Singapore International Commercial Court10:48-11:005.Impact of Injunctions on Maritime and International Arbitration in the UKPhilip Yang, International Commercial and Maritime Arbitrator11:00-11:206.Q&A11:20-11:40Tea/coffee Break11:40-13:00Session II: Practice and Integration of Chinese Maritime ArbitrationChair: Changqing Xie, Deputy Secretary-General of CMAC11:40-11:521.Features and Advantages of China Maritime ArbitrationBo Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of CMAC,Vice President of CMAC Arbitration Court11:52-12:042.Logic of ArbitratorsSibao Shen, Professor of University of International Business and Economics,Chairman of the Board of Management of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, Member of the International Commercial Expert Committee of the Supreme People's Court12:04-12:163.Advantages of Arbitration from Companies’PerspectiveYing Nie, CMAC Aviation Dispute Arbitration/Mediation Center, Expert in Civil Aviation12:16-12:284.Arbitration in CMAC or HKMAG or LMAA or SCMA?Lianjun Li, Partner of Reed Smith Richards Butler12:28-12:405.How to Better Represent an Arbitration Case with Default Award?Yulai Jin, Founder and Senior Partner of Kai-Rong Law Firm12:40-13:006.Q&A13:00-14:30Lunch Buffet14:30-15:55Session III: Analysis and Practices Regarding Hot Issues of Maritime Justice and Arbitration in the Context of the Belt and Road InitiativeChair: Xiujie Li, President of Tianjin Maritime Court14:30-14:421.Latest Report on Revising the Maritime Code of P.R.ChinaBeiping Chu, Dean of Law School of Dalian Maritime University14:42-14:542.Support and Supervision on Maritime Arbitration through Maritime AdjudicationXuewei Ni, Director of Research Department of Guangzhou Maritime Court14:54-15:063.Analysis of Maritime Cases Relating to the Belt and Road InitiativesZaiyu Guo, Judge of the Fourth Civil Division of the Supreme People’s Court of China, Judge of the China International Commercial Court15:06-15:184.Latest Development on International Shipping Arbitration  and Litigation and Suggestions to Chinese PartiesEdward Alder, Barrister, Prince's Chambers Hong Kong15:18-15:305.Legislation Updates of Electronic Bill of LadingYu Guo, Assistant professor of Peking University Law School, Director of Maritime Law Research Center15:30-15:556.Q&A15:55-16:15Tea/coffee Break16:15-17:40Session IV: Risk Control and Management Strategy among Chinese Parties in the Context of the Belt and Road InitiativeChair: Hongjun Ye, General Counsel of China Cosco Shipping Co. Ltd16:15-16:271.New Feature of Foreign-related Maritime Cases in Zhejiang and its Implications in the Context of the Belt and Road InitiativeXianjiang Wu, Vice President of Ningbo Maritime Court16:27-16:392.Companies’Experiences and Suggestions on Arbitration AbroadYuntao Yang, Deputy Director of China Merchants Group Transport & Logistics Department/ Group Beijing Headquarter, Director of China International Freight Forwarders Association Legal Affair Working Committee16:39-16:513.Experience of Assisting Chinese Parities in Arbitration Case in London regarding Marine Construction ProjectsXiangyong Chen, Senior Partner and Chair of Board of Management of Wang Jing & Co.16:51-17:034.Experience and Suggestion for Corporations Facing Overseas Arbitration Case or LitigationPaul Aston, Partner of Holman Fenwick & Willan (Singapore)17:03-17:155.Dispute Resolution Clause Drafting and Risk-control in the Context of the Belt and Road InitiativeWenying Wang, Secretary-General of CMAC Hong Kong Arbitration Center17:15-17:406.Q&A17:40-18:00Closing Ceremony
  • On the afternoon of May 20, Mr. Zhou Qiang, President and Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court, presided over the plenary meeting of The Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court, reviewd and approved in principle the judicial interpretation of the trial of compensation for ecological environmental damage compensation case. Ms. Lv Zhongmei, CPPCC National Committee member, Ms. Fang Lan, Ms. Guo Jun, Ms. Wen Juan, Mr. Cai Xueen, NPC deputies, and Xiao Jianguo, professor at People's University of China, attended the meeting.
  • On May 9, 2019, lawyer Zheng Tianwei (Director and Senior Partner of WEIIS & CO. )and lawyer Zhuang Jiuyi (Partner of WEIIS & CO. ) were invited to attend the Gard seminar Shanghai 2019.
  • On April 26, 2019, Mr. Zheng Tianwei, director of WEIIS & CO. and arbitrator of CMAC, participated in the symposium on the theme of "LNG market status and development ahead" which organized by Shanghai International Shipping Institute and was hosted by Dr. Jiang Huatao(Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of Bureau Veritas China). Dr. Jiang shared the LNG carrier market update, LNG supply chain, BV LNG Carrier References and Signignificant Project, LNG as fuel total fleet (in GT ) in operation & new orders, Electric hybrid propulsion & Alternative Fuel and many other hot topics.

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