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WEIIS & CO, approved by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China, was established in Shanghai. WEIIS & CO is a comprehensive and specialized law firm providing maritime and shipping, banking and finance, financial insurance, international trade, construction and real estate, securities and capital markets, corporate and merge, bankruptcy and restructuring, labor and social security, intellectual property, criminal defence and litigation, financial accounting and taxation, environment, government and public-service in addition to other legal services. WEIIS & CO is one of the few law firms in China specializing in maritime and shipping, international trade, financial insurance and ship financing. WEIIS & CO is headquartered in Shanghai.


Since its inception, WEIIS & CO has strictly adhered to internationally recognized lawyers' practice standards and to the goal of establishing as a world-class law firm. WEIIS & CO strives to provide "Excellence, Professionalism, Insight, Efficiency" legal services to domestic and foreign clients.


Excellence Is Our Pursuit.


“Striving For Excellence, Building Quality Service” is the foundation of WEIIS & CO. Adhering to the concept of innovation, the unity of knowledge and action, WEIIS & CO strives for excellence to ensure professional services. Providing satisfactory legal services to customer is the unswerving pursuit of WEIIS & CO. Committed to “customer-oriented service”, WEIIS & CO focuses on understanding the needs of our customer and provides them with real value in the spirit of continuous pioneering and enterprising. WEIIS & CO seeks to become the most trustworthy commercial law firm for customer.


WEIIS & CO always takes the customer's needs and satisfaction as the work goal and focus of attention. WEIIS & CO creates value for customer in terms of promoting customer cooperation to provide business opportunities for customer.


WEIIS & CO is constantly breaking ground on what it has achieved. WEIIS & CO is honest, steady, efficient and pragmatic and is committed to provide quality legal services that exceed the expectation of its customer and strive for excellence.





WEIIS & CO focuses on "Balance of Knowledge and Pragmatism", and focuses on cultivating a high-quality, first-class legal service team that is trustworthy with its service philosophy of " Beyond Excellence, Experience guarantees our insight”. Our team is committed to providing first-class legal services with high level of accountability.

WEIIS & CO's lawyers and paralegals are highly educated in well-known universities at home and abroad. Most of them have Masters or Doctoral degrees in education. They have solid theoretical knowledge and rich experience in practice. Partners and professionals have multiple education, training or work experience in the United States, Britain, Norway, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. They have international vision and can integrate the legal culture of East and West.

WEIIS & CO implements scientific management internally. Through effective integration of resources, it has formed a scientific and standardized management system with a mature and highly effective team. WEIIS & CO recruits talents, including law professors from universities and colleges, senior judges with rich trial experience in the people's courts and maritime courts, expert consultants and guest consultants of government departments and industry associations like the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Commerce, and China Institute of Navigation.


WEIIS & CO has always maintained a good working relationship with the domestic judicial departments and government agencies. It can accurately and timely grasp relevant industry trends. Hence enabling customer to obtain pragmatic and effective legal service solutions in an ever-changing market environment.


Global Vision , Local Wisdom.


WEIIS & CO aims at providing professional and international high-end services to help customer understand global and local challenges. Additionally in responding to regional complex situations, WEIIS & CO actively integrates national “Belt and Road” strategies to provide competitive business solutions. WEIIS & CO advocates strong alliances and maintains close business collaboration with top law firms in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, Singapore, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. WEIIS & CO adheres to the concept of “Global Vision, Chinese Wisdom”, which enables customer to obtain first-class professional and international legal services and expertise.


WEIIS & CO consistently maintains "Excellence, Professionalism, Insight, Efficiency" in handling customer's legal affairs.

Address: Room 1201, Huaxia Bank Tower, No.256 South Pudong Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 200120 P.R.China

Tel: 86 21 5093 2722、86 21 5093 3665

Fax: 86 21 5093 3871


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